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Curriculum at Beech Academy

At Beech Academy we are committed to providing a purposeful and empowering curriculum that fully prepares pupils for the next steps in their school career, as well as the challenges of the wider world.

The Beech curriculum is carefully designed to address the needs of every pupil, taking in to account their starting points, dreams, aspirations and ambitions. We have created a curriculum that prioritises personal development and well-being, alongside academic achievement. The curriculum at Beech Academy recognises the importance of enterprise, employability and preparing our pupils for adulthood.

The Beech curriculum is designed to realise the school’s vision of ‘Turning I can’t into I can’ and to reflect our core values;

Underpinned by nurture principals, our curriculum is the whole learning experience offered by the school. We recognise that how children learn is as important as what they learn. Children are learning all the time and we aim to optimise learning opportunities throughout the school day; in curriculum time, during care routines and social times, for example.

Please use the links below to explore our curriculum. 

Curriculum Intent

We are committed to ensuring that all of our pupils engage in a curriculum that develops interest, curiosity and creativity, and removes barriers. For our pupils to be successful in life, we believe they need …more

Curriculum Implementation

The Planned Curriculum Curriculum design principles : the Beech Curriculum has been designed based on educational research and is underpinned by the principles below: Research on cognitive and schema development theory …more

Curriculum Impact

The curriculum at Beech Academy ensures that our pupils are confident, happy individuals that have a safe place to make mistakes. They are inquisitive, resilient and inspired learners that believe in themselves and achieve their …more

Reading and Phonics

We believe that language and literacy is fundamental to the overall development of children and their access to the curriculum in all aspects. We also believe that in the society in which we live, an ability to …more

Curriculum Subjects

Find out more about the subjects taught at The Beech Academy. Navigate through the links to find out more including what is taught within each subject. 5 year Curriculum Plan English 5 year Curriculum Plan Mathematics 5 year Curriculum Plan - …more

If you would like to find out more about the curriculum at Beech Academy please contact Katy Craig, Deputy Headteacher (Quality of Education)