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Key Stage 4

In Key Stage 4 pupils continue to be offered a broad and balanced curriculum and are taught a range of subjects that lead to appropriate accreditation which can be seen on the overview below. Qualifications may vary year on year depending on the cohort of learners that enter the key stage and their profiles. The core curriculum includes:

Pupils work towards external accreditation, which is offered at a level appropriate to the individual needs of each pupil and ranges from Entry Level 1 to GCSE. The framework of qualifications on offer ensures that pupils achieve qualifications so that they can progress to the next stage of their education, whether this be at Beech Academy or an alternative educational establishment.

Pupils also have exposure to activities that supplement and support their learning experiences. These activities provide pupils with the platform to succeed in different environments while being provided with an opportunity to learn new skills, transfer, and apply these skills in a variety of settings.