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  • Year 10 Cooking

    Published 06/06/24

    Year 10 have been trying different recipes to make meatballs.

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  • Year 9 Create Memory Boxes

    Published 05/06/24

    Year 9 have been creating their own ‘Memory Box’ in Design Technology. 

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  • Making Lizards with Year 7

    Published 22/05/24

    Over the last few weeks Year 7 have shown a huge amount of ambition and resilience when making lizards out of clay and wood.

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  • Cooking with Post-16 Westfield

    Published 16/05/24

    This week in cooking, Westfield Post-16 have been using sequencing skills to make their own chicken and vegetable kebab skewers.

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  • Westfield 1 Science News

    Published 09/05/24

    Westfield 1 have been learning about atoms in Science. 

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  • Nurture 3 Science News

    Published 07/05/24

    In Science this week, Nurture 3 have been exploring various objects just like Stig from their novel study 'Stig Of The Dump' who takes other people’s junk to build a home.

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  • Nurture 2 Astronaut Training

    Published 02/05/24

    Nurture 2 participated in their hook lesson for their new novel study, Hidden Figures with the insight into the skills needed to be an astronaut. 

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  • Stir Fry with Nurture 1

    Published 30/04/24

    In Creative, Nurture 1 have been exploring food from around the world, and recently created their own stir-fry dishes.

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  • Work Experience Post 16

    Published 26/04/24

    Fairholme post 16 have been at the allotment on their work experience placements and we are extremely proud of the work they are doing. 

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  • Year 11 at Hagg Farm

    Published 23/04/24

    Last week the Year 11’s had a fantastic time at Hagg Farm where they took part in archery, a walk through the hills and canoeing.

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  • Nurture 1 design a maze

    Published 22/04/24

    Nurture 1 have been absolutely amazing at applying their knowledge from their PowerPoint mazes in ICT to a real-life situation.

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  • Year 10 Taskmaster

    Published 18/04/24

    Year 10 have been doing a taskmaster activity which encourages working in a team as well as getting the students to work out different problems.

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